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1. I have made a mistake while filling up the application form and I realized it after submitting. Can I change or correct?

Yes, You can change or correct by clicking 'edit' option at User Home page. Once you press 'edit' option it will go to step 7. Now press "edit current application" at bottom of the page. Remember that, with out final submission your application will not be considered.The portal will also allow you to discard all data entered and start fresh before final submission.

2. I have applied earlier ,however did not receive a Call for interview. Can I apply Again?

Yes, you can apply again using the previous e-mail id and password.You can update your profile and submit the application again.

3. The application form is not opening in my browser?

Please use updated browsers (Firefox, Chrome ) only and try an alternate system (laptop or desktop) in case of repeated issues.

4. Can I upload the papers in any other format otherthan JPG or PDF?

The papers must be in PDF or JPG image format (No other formats will be accepted).

5. Do I need to complete Application form in one go?

No, you can update it stepwise and save the application form by pressing Save and Quit button .Login later and continue from where you have left. Later the application can be submitted.
  • Fill all the fields in the form with valid data.
  • The portal will enable you to print the application form and view status of the application.
  • 6. What are the set of enclosures I need to upload as a part of application process?

  • The set of enclosures to be uploaded as part of the application processes are:
    • Photo in JPG format with a maximum size of 400×400 pixels.
    • IMPORTANT: Scanned copy of signature in JPG format with a maximum size of 300×150 pixels.
    • Brief research plan (not to exceed Two A4 pages with font size 10 or above)(max 1MB).
    • Brief teaching plan (not to exceed One A4 page with font size 10 or above)(max 1MB).
    • Copies of Best publications in SCI-Journals (maximum 5).(each max 1MB)
  • Please encode the PDF files using Adobe PDF plugins or Adobe software only to maintain the PDF standards.
  • The maximum size per uploaded file cannot exceed 1.0 MB.
  • 7. Where do I have to consult in case of any bugs or issues?

    Please contact our Programmer to report any bugs or issues at facrect@iitbbs.ac.in

    8. From where do I get the details of the Faculty Positions?

    Please follow the Faculty Openings link for the faculty position details.

    9. What steps I should keep in mind after submission of Application form?

  • After submission of your application at this portal you can use your registered Email ID and Password to login at the IIT Bhubaneswar Faculty Application Portal at http://webapps.iitbbs.ac.in/recruitment2019
  • After successful submission of your application, your application number will be displayed. Please make a note of the same and include this number in all future communications. The number will also be available in your User Page.
  • Please check the status of your application in regular intervals for messages & instructions.
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